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The company ATOMET is the manufacturer of lead shielding products manufactured for the needs of nuclear technologies and nuclear medicine. The staff of the company possess the knowledge and practical experience in the field of lead casting and lead alloys. The experience of the staff comes from long-standing cooperation with scientific units and the National Center for Nuclear Research – the Radioisotope Center POLATOM, since this type of casting is overlooked in the scientific literature on lead and its uses. Moreover, the employees of the company have, throughout many years, carried out research and development works involved in the development of the technology for mass production of shielding containers of different generations, intended for containment and transport of isotopic materials for the needs of nuclear medicine.


Complying with all the provisions on environmental protection

The changing law of the European Union restricts the use of lead in various branches of the industry as without complying with specified conditions, it might exert a negative impact on humans and the environment. In the case of medical and nuclear applications, the requirements concerning the use of this element have not been tightened so far.
The company ATOMET, complying with all the provisions on environmental protection, develops the production of generator containers for radiopharmaceuticals and radioactive waste characterized by high-quality requirements, especially in terms of being x-ray proof. Only lead alloys possessing a certificate of origin are used for casting production.

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The increased need of the National Center for Nuclear Research – the Radioisotope Center POLATOM for generator containers of a new generation has led ATOMET to undertake research on the development of the production and shape of the container in compliance with the abovementioned requirements. As a result of long-standing experience and the results of the conducted research and development works, the company ATOMET has launched the production of new generator containers guaranteeing their automatic and fault-free equipment and reinforcement. The technology of the production of new-generation generator containers applied in the company ATOMET is based upon the implementation of an innovative gravity casting technology. The generator containers of a new generation will be used for containing radiopharmaceuticals used in positron emission tomography connected with computed tomography. This innovative method of medical imaging enables localization and early detection of cancer even before the visible manifestation of changes in anatomical structures of the body takes place.